Indian Trail Marker Trees- April 4th 4pm

A discussion on

Indian Trail Marker Trees

Tuesday April 4th  4pm  @ the Argyle Public Library

indian trail marker trees

Richard Dieter has spent the last  60 years researching Lewis & Clark, early mountain men and subsequent pioneers.   By accident in 2014 while researching the 30 murders in Richland County history, he stumbled onto an Indian trail marker tree.  He has located 15 Indian trail marker trees in the following years.

Since then he has been on radio stations, published articles and given talks in southwest Wisconsin on this subject. He has worked with Professor Evan Larson of UW Platteville in having them aged thru tree ring boring.   He has also worked with David Greentree of the Ho-chunk Nation on this project in an attempt to revive the tradition of how, why and type trees were formed.

Dieter spent his childhood and high school years farming in the Ithaca area. He now splits his time between South Elgin, Il and Richland County .

Dieter welcomes any information about further sites of these vanishing  markers.