Thursday March 16th 7pm @ Central 52 Life in Lafayette: Pharm Aloe


“Life in Lafayette” is a speaker series sponsored by the Argyle Public Library, highlighting important community members. Note that this program takes place at Central 52 /300 E Milwaukee St, Argyle, WI 53504.

The program works to ignite conversations about business owners, farmers, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers who live and work in Lafayette County. We seek views of community members both who have been in the driftless region for generations and community members who are recent transplants.  The discussions will be open-forum and welcome audience dialog.


Born in Woodford, WI during the Great Depression, Keith spent his early years in Lafayette County. Health-minded his whole life, he completed his chemistry degree with a football scholarship. Throughout his career, Keith has started several businesses and lived throughout the United States. In 1969 he came across the healing properties of the Aloe Vera plant, and has been passionately working with Aloe Vera ever since. Coming full circle, in 1994 Keith returned to Woodford, WI where he has been operating his business, Pharm-Aloe, for over two decades.